What is Peerview?

Peerview is an online independent review platform that allows customers to give honest feedback on products they have purchased.  We pride ourselves on delivering authentic, trustworthy reviews.  These reviews ultimately become not only powerful content for a brand’s website, but an invaluable tool for customer relationship management.

Peerview Features

Product Reviews

Service Reviews

Customer Conversation

Real Time Conversations

People Trust People

Peerview provides reviews your customers can trust, because they’ve been shared by their peers.

Genuine Reviews

The best content is authentic content.  Peerview provides trustworthy, authentic reviews to customers – bringing them closer to your brand and products.

Connecting Businesses & Customers

Peerview allows brands to connect to their customers via an unbiased platform, giving both parties the opportunity to give and receive honest feedback.

Accelerated Marketing

Peerview gives you the unique opportunity to respond to customer feedback, positive and negative, in seconds.  Our platform gives brands real-time access to customer responses to facilitate real customer relationship management.

Peerview’s state of the art platform gives your customers a seamless user experience, facilitating a higher rate of feedback and encouraging richer review content.

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